Scaffold anchors

Gerüstanker STAR-JAG-H und STAR-JAG-V
Scaffoldanchor STAR-JAG-H and STAR-JAG-V
Gerüstanker STAR-I + II und STAR-V
Scaffoldanchor STAR-I + II and STAR-V

Fast and safe stay of the scaffolds due to our scaffold-anchors. The STAR-scaffoldanchors correspond to DIN 4420. Of course systems-statics are available for all STAR-scaffoldanchors. In case we cannot fulfil your whishes by our standard program, we realize also special constructions .We would be pleased to solve special static requirements for you. Ask for your information-material. Please contact us.

Save, functionally, economically !
All scaffoldanchors are according DIN 4420.
System-statics for all types.Special constructions possible.

JAG - Adjustable-dowel-scaffoldanchor
Special anchors